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“The most precious resource
we all have is time”

— Steve Jobs

Interview with Jens Overgaard Dinesen,
CEO & Founder of OnTime


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The Ultimate Companion For HCL Verse/Notes

Time is our most precious resource. OnTime cannot give you more time, but it certainly helps you make more of the time you have both as an individual, a group or even a team that extends across multiple organisations.

Do More in Less Time with OnTime

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It is all about the Team

Only few would debate that the combined effort of the group is more powerful than individuals acting alone yet the standard tools available for calendars focus nearly exclusively on the individual's email, to-dos, and calendar events.

With OnTime you get a solution focused on making you more productive and work better together – As a TEAM.

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Nomadic calendar users work from anywhere

Working from the office, from home, or on the road, OnTime helps you to always have the correct information on your colleagues in order to make your decisions.

With add-ons like Mobile and Pollarity you can now truly become a calendar nomad while focusing on your team.

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What is the OnTime Freemium version?

The freemium version is a completely free version of the OnTime Group Calendar for HCL Domino, however with limited features compared to the premium product and the add-ons.

The freemium version of OnTime Group Calendar will come with either 25 or 50 users based on terms you can find below in the Common Questions section.

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Go directly to our OnTime Freemium download site and request your version.


Common Questions

How do I get started?
  • Start by signing up for the Freemium version on this page.
  • Follow the step-b-step guide that comes with the Freemium. The Freemium comes with an Install Wizard so you can be up and running in no time.

After this you can make your fine tuning the many adjustments available.

If you get stuck at any point of this process we are there to help. Both level 1 and level 2 of the Freemium comes with 2 complimentary hours of support. Please read more under "Does the Freemium come with support?"

What are the license terms?

The license terms are different for each OnTime version.

  • Freemium level 1 provides you with perpetual, free access for up to 25 users. Freemium level 1 includes entitlement to download error fixes and new versions of OnTime Group Calendar for customers with current HCL Domino CCB entitlements.
  • Freemium Level 2 is subscription based and free for up to 50 users while under current HCL CCB. Freemium level 2 includes entitlement to download error fixes and new versions of OnTime Group Calendar for customers with current HCL Domino CCB entitlements.
  • With the Premium version of OnTime, you can choose either subscription or perpetual based licenses.
How are user licenses counted?

OnTime Group Calendar is licensed per user. A license is required for each user or resource configured in a group calendar. If a user or resource is included in more than one OnTime Group Calendar it will still only require one license for this user.

There is no server license and licenses can be used across locations within the same legal entity.

Do I need a license key to deploy the OnTime Freemium?
  • Freemium level 1 does not require a license key. You can run this version without registering with OnTime.
  • Freemium level 2 and the Premium version both requires a license key and that you register your version with OnTime.
How do I order the Freemium Level 2?

To deploy the Freemium level 2 which allows up to 50 users, you must register with OnTime to get a license key.
By registering for the Freemium level 2 you accept to be contacted by OnTime or one of our trusted OnTime partners.

Am I able to get the new releases of OnTime with freemium?

Ways of getting releases differentiates between the different freemium versions

  • Freemium level 1 does not require you to register with OnTime. You will be getting the initial and subsequent releases when you download your Domino CCB entitlement from HCL Flexnet. This is planned to be available when Domino Thames releases. Until then you can download OnTime directly from www.ontimesuite.com
  • Freemium level 2 gives you access to updates directly from OnTime as new versions become available.
Does the Freemium version come with support?

Initially when you deploy the Freemium level 1 you can choose to do so unassisted or you can contact OnTime or one of our partners for assistance.

If you will be using Level 1 you will need to register with OnTime to receive this support. In this case we recommend that you register for the level 2 of the Freemium to get the additional benefits. Both level 1 and level 2 of the Freemium comes with 2 complimentary hours of support. 

Later when you can dowload the OnTime product with your HCL Domino CCB entitlement, HCL will be providing first and second level support for OnTime for CCB entitled customer.

Is it difficult to replace my Freemium with the Premium version?

Whether you get the Freemium or the Premium experience depends entirely on the license key you have installed. So to go from Freemium to Premium you must add or replace a licence key which takes less than 30 seconds. All settings will remain unchanged and you will be able to pick up right where you let off.

Only change being the fact that you will have access to all OnTimes features.

Which HCL Domino versions does OnTime support?

Supported Operating Systems and Domino versions 

  • The central Domino server(s) running OnTime and synchronising with mail servers must be running on Domino supported versions of Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems with Domino 9.0.1 FP10 or newer installed. OnTime requires the http task running. Please note that we recommend using the most current version of Domino. Domino 10, 11, and 12 are supported.  
  • The Domino mail servers from which OnTime collects and synchronises data can be any of the Domino supported mail platforms. OnTime supports Domino version 9.x or higher on the mail servers. 
What is the difference between a Trial version and the Freemium version?

The OnTime Group Calendar trial version includes all the features of the OnTime premium product. It can be run for 60 days after which it expires and stops working.

The Freemium product is limited to a defined number of users and to a limited set of features, but it never expires.

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